As a hand letterer and aspiring calligrapher I am always looking for new pens and tools. Local art stores are helpful, especially when you need something today. Then of course there is Amazon where you can get almost anything and if you live in a major metro area you can get it the same day. Sometimes though you are looking for something that just isn’t available locally and that they don’t carry, or it is too expensive, at Amazon. Then you go looking for a specialty vendor that carries just what you need. Enter Jetpens

I found Jetpens when I was trying to find Pilot Hi-Tec C pens. Jetpens specializes in Japanese pens and stationery. Jetpens came through with flying colors. They have a huge selection, their site is top notch and simple to navigate, and the search on the site works great. They offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more which is a pretty low threshold to meet. After seeing how well they did with my first order I have returned to order brush pens, Hi-Tec C refills, fountain pens, markers and more. If you are looking for supplies for your lettering and calligraphy needs Jetpens is a great place to start!